Hawk 15-17 S550 Ford Mustang HPS Front Brake Pads Non-Brembo

Hawk 15-17 S550 Ford Mustang HPS Front Brake Pads Non-Brembo

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Hawk Performance HPS Front Brake Pads - 15-17 Ford Mustang GT / Shelby GT350

High Performance Street Front Brake Pads (HB773F.664) by Hawk®. These are replacement brake pads designed for an aggressive level of street driving with more repetitive, heavy braking. While these pads are made from Ferro-Carbon that was developed for racetrack applications, their formulation has been blended to provide a more progressive feel for the street. They provide 20 to 40% more braking power without causing higher wear on rotors the way racetrack formulated pads do. Designed to the precise tolerances of factory parts for proper fit and operation and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Series: High Performance Street
  • Friction Material: Ferro-Carbon
  • Finish: Black Powder Coat
  • Dust Rating: Low
  • Driving Style: Performance / Racing
  • Pad Thickness: 16.866mm (0.664")
  • FMSI: D1791
  • Quantity: Sold as Set


  • Ferro-Carbon pad construction is blended with a higher friction output designed for aggressive street driving
  • Braking power is increased by 20% to 40% over original equipment regardless of extreme cold or warm temperatures
  • Pads maintain a very progressive brake feel for comfortable use during normal driving
  • Brake pad material produces a low amount of dust and does not cause excessive rotor wear the way racetrack brake pads can
  • Pads and clips are designed in the precise size and shape of factory OEM parts for proper fit and operation
  • Pre-chamfered edges ensure more effective braking against worn brake rotors
  • Slotted center groove provides more effective removal of water, dust, and gasses that build up normally during the braking process
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (not wear)
  • Sold as a set for two wheels