• Wiring Specialties - CANbus Modules Quick view

    Wiring Specialties

    Wiring Specialties - CANbus Modules

    The Wiring Specialties RevCAN2 CANbus Module is perfect for adding CANbus functionality to your ECU powered project. The 3" by 3" module is housed in a weather proof box, utilizes a gasket sealed automotive-grade connector, and is fully potted...

  • Hondata S300 Quick view

    Hondata S300

    The Hondata S300 is a prime example of how new technology has been able to push the limits on older hardware.  It’s versatility allows for optimal tuning on something as simple as bolt ons all the way up to high horsepower setups that can...

  • Hondata FlashPro Quick view


    Hondata FlashPro

    The Hondata FlashPro is our go to engine management for supported drive by wire Hondas.  Hondata’s proven hardware and software can unlock the potential of your setup for maximum performance and efficiency. Using it is as simple as plugging...

    $790.00 $795.00