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    Blitz Throttle Controller (Mazda RX-8 04+)

    Blitz Throttle Controller for Mazda RX-8 04+ 13B Many new cars come equipped with Electric Controlled Throttle Valve, which has replaced the Mechanical Throttle Valve (Cable type). The electrically controlled throttle valve is a newer technology in ...

    $399.00 $420.00
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    Okada Projects

    Okada Projects Plasma Direct- Mazda RX-8 03+

    A revolution in ignition technology!The Plasma Direct is the ignition coil with a high power amplifier built in to it.The Plasma Directs produce 4 times more spark energy than stock coils and also generate an ultra fast multi spark discharge of 10 sparks...

    $840.75 $885.00