STANCE Coilover Parts

  • STANCE Sealed Bearing Spring Seat Quick view

    STANCE Suspension

    STANCE Sealed Bearing Spring Seat

    The Stance roller bearing spring seats are designed to work on the inverted coilovers for McPherson equipped cars. The roller bearings are sealed in a dust proof enclosure for maintenance free performance. The roller bearing seat provides less bind for...

  • TF-Works Coilover Bump springs Quick view


    TF-Works Coilover Bump springs

    Bump Springs are used in conjunction with a primary spring to allow a race car to have a relatively soft or compliant initial spring rate to get down to the desired optimum ride height and then pick up the rate of the bump spring to achieve a constant...

  • TF-Works Bump Spring Retainer Quick view


    TF-Works Bump Spring Retainer

    TF-Works bump spring retainer Designed to work with most 2" OD bump springs. Lightweight and durable delrin material. Please choose the correct ID and shaft diameter.   Recessed pocket with holes drilled for safety wires. Price is for 1...