FinalBout 4 - 2021 Midwest Central Stage

FinalBout 4 - 2021 Midwest Central Stage

8th Sep 2021

The final 8 competition was entertaining to say the least. Solid driving by everyone and really pushing each other every run.Congrats toJulio from Goon squadMike from BurstspeedSimba from Proceed … read more

Everything a Prius Owner Wouldn't Do To their Prius

23rd Apr 2021

It's not common to see a Toyota Prius, and think it's cool.Ray has been going through some modification phases, and has finally started to go over the top.Starting off with a complete JDM TRD aero kit … read more

What's the Difference Between the Bride Zeta 4 and Zieg 4?

30th Mar 2021

We often get asked "what's the difference between the Zeta 4 and the Zieg 4?"Well, couple things...1. The Zieg 4 has a more upright seating position when the seats are standing up straight.  Grea … read more