Everything a Prius Owner Wouldn't Do To their Prius

23rd Apr 2021

It's not common to see a Toyota Prius, and think it's cool.Ray has been going through some modification phases, and has finally started to go over the top.Starting off with a complete JDM TRD aero kit … read more

What's the Difference Between the Bride Zeta 4 and Zieg 4?

30th Mar 2021

We often get asked "what's the difference between the Zeta 4 and the Zieg 4?"Well, couple things...1. The Zieg 4 has a more upright seating position when the seats are standing up straight.  Grea … read more

RB26DETT Valve cover mod for PRR R35 CoilPack kit

14th Mar 2021

When you upgrade to the PRP R35 Coil pack kit, there is no need for the OEM ignitor.Once you remove the ignitor, there is an unsightly pocket on the back of the valve cover.We cut that out and welded … read more

RAYS Gram Lights 57CR - Glossy Black 19's

18th Jan 2021

57CR's have been around awhile now, but still an affordable set of wheels that can make any car look better.Made in Japan, Concave spokes, and a classic 5-spoke that works on most applications. … read more
Big Toy Blue 4-Runner Gets Some More Upgrades

Big Toy Blue 4-Runner Gets Some More Upgrades

9th Dec 2020

Our long time client and friend Geoff brought us his Toyota 4-Runner Limited for some upgrades.We lifted this truck earlier using ToyTec suspension and other components, but Geoff wasn't satisfied wit … read more