GT L.S.D.Pro 2-WAY 350Z Limited Slip Differential LSD

GT L.S.D.Pro 2-WAY 350Z Limited Slip Differential LSD

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The GT LSD Pro is the ideal solution for drivers who are spending too much time working on their LSD.  
Otherwise identical to the GT LSD, the Pro add one unique feature; You will be able to reset your initial torque with just a turn of your socket wrench and without disassembling your LSD.

Genuine NISMO Limited Slip Differential (LSD). Multi plate LSD equals torque to left and right wheels. This helps on track during corner exit to ensure stable traction and stability. Designed to be used on track and the street. Nismo OEM quality ensures performance and integrity.


  • Nismo 2-way LSD for 2002-2009 350z manual transmission
  • 4-pinion, 70lb-ft breakaway torque
  • More comfortable driving on the street compared to more aggressive LSD's in the market