TF S13 K-Swap Build 240sx - Front Power Brace

TF S13 K-Swap Build 240sx - Front Power Brace

6th Nov 2020

Our K-swap Kit has been making a big buzz on the market and we felt we needed to build a S13 with a K-swap.
This is more of a street / drift setup.
After taking out the drivetrain, we begin our adventure by reinforcing certain areas of the car.  One of those spots is where your tension rods reside.  It's just a bent piece of steel that resists all of the load under heavy breaking and keeps your caster angle in check.
Many are familiar with the Nismo Powerbrace, but as we didn't have one lying around, we decided to do it ourself.

Step one is to remove the OEM brace under the core support.  Give them a good clean.
We measured how much of the brace will be boxed in, then the surface was ground down clean for welding.

Then we take our template and trace it onto a metal sheet, which gets cut to shape.

Then the plates get drilled and gets dimple died.  
Purpose of the dimple dies are to add structural rigidity to the plane metal sheet.

Now the prepared plates get welded to the bottom of the braces.

Once the plates are welded and braces are now boxed, we re-install them back onto the car.

Once they're back on, we will add two additional bars that tie the braces together.  

This should offer a significant increase in the front end of the car.

We'll give it a nice coat of paint, once the rest of the car is cleaned and ready for paint.