AGI 4-Point Roll Cage Install on a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

AGI 4-Point Roll Cage Install on a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

25th Jul 2020

AGI RollCage has been making some quality cages for the Australian market for some time.Everything from Drifting, World Time Attack, drag racing, and rally.  As more RHD JDM Iconic cars are making their way into the states, we are somewhat behind on having parts readily available.  We are working with AGI to bring you quality roll cages for those chassis.

Here is a brief install and fitment of the 4 Point Street roll bar with optional X-bar and the flush mounted connections.  Standard roll bar will come with pre-measured and pre-cut sleeves.

You will need to remove front and rear seats.
Remove the bottom cushions first by just pulling up.  It will pop out.
This will reveal two bolts holding up the upper cushion.  The upper cushion rests on three hooks on top and two bolts on the bottom.  Remove the bolts and pull up and forward.

Next, remove the rear wheels and put the car on jack stands.

Remove the seat belt retainers on the bottom of the B-pillar.

Layout all of your hardware.

We recommend a friend to help you with the install.  Maneuver the main hoop into the car, and stand it up. 

Place the feet of the main hoop as far back as it will go.
Do not drill any holes yet.  

Fit the rear downbars on top of the wheel arch.

Inside the car - fit the main hoop to the down bars and bolt them together.

Now with everything in place, you can drill the holes and insert the bolts through.
You will need to sandwich the floor between the feet of the main hoop and the bottom plate.

The only issue we ran into was the outer bolt hole.  We couldn't get the bolt to sit flush against the rear down-bar  plate, so we ground the weld down flush to make room for the bolt head.

Under the car, we laid 100% silicone on the plate and around the bolts to prevent moisture getting in the car and also protecting the metal surface where we drilled.

I don't think you can get any better fitment for a bolt-in cage!
Look at how flush the main hoop is with the roof and the B-Pillar!

The whole process will take you a good part of the day.  Take your time, measure twice and cut once!
There was no second guessing fitment with this cage.  Everything fit extremely well, except for a very minor bolt fitment, which was an easy fix.