AP Racing Competition Sprint Brake Kit by Essex: Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ Front

AP Racing Competition Sprint Brake Kit by Essex: Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ Front

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Complete front Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Brake Kit for Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86

  • Features AP Racing CP8350 four piston calipers
  • 299x32mm, 60 vane AP Racing disc
  • Saves unsprung lbs. from nose of vs. OEM brakes
  • Every component designed to resist the heat of extended track sessions
  • Pistons sized properly to allow for seamless integration with OEM master cylinder and ABS system
  • Designed to work with OEM rear brakes

Fits: Front (2013 Scion FR-S All)

To read more about this competition brake system....CLICK HERE


  • One pair AP Racing CP8350 racing calipers
  • One pair 299x32mm AP Racing CP3862, 60 vane, J Hook racing discs, with 6061 hard anodized aluminum hats, and attachment hardware
  • One pair caliper mounting brackets and hardware
  • One pair Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines with abrasion resistant coating
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Brake pads are NOT included with our system. Racing brake pads are a highly personal choice. Many manufacturers include a set of inexpensive, low quality pads with their brake kits. Rather than artificially inflating the price of our system with a set of pads you probably don't want anyway, we've decided to remove the cost from our system and allow our customers to choose the pads that best suit their needs/wants. When purchasing our kit, you are able to choose one set of front pads for $25. This offer is valid on any of the brands/compounds that we offer.

The available pad compounds that Essex sells for the CP8350 caliper can be found below. Please keep in mind that there are many other compounds available on the market from other manufacturers. The list below represents only what Essex sells. When purchasing our system, you have the option of buying one set of brake pads for $25. Underneath the manufacturer list below, the pad compounds are listed from most aggressive to least aggressive.

CL Brakes

  • RC8
  • RC6

Ferodo Racing

  • DS3000
  • DS1.11
  • DS2500

Hawk Performance

  • DTC-05
  • DTC-70
  • DTC-60
  • DTC-30
  • HT-10
  • HP+
  • Black
  • MT-4
  • HPS

Note on using brake pads different from those listed above

Again, please keep in mind that the above is not an exhaustive list, and that there are many other pad compounds available in this shape from other manufacturers. Please note however, that the pad shape we use in our caliper is available in a variety of radial depths (heights). When combined with the CP3862 299x32mm disc, Essex recommends the 43mm radial depth version. Other common radial depths in this pad shape are 50mm and 39mm. The 39 radial depth will fit into our caliper, but you will be leaving a small unswept 'ring' around the disc near the attachment points to the hat (the pad will not hang as low in the caliper). Leaving a portion of the disc face unswept can create a temperature differential across the face of the disc, and doing so could lead to premature disc crackingThat said, we have not run into such a problem with our kits in the field. The 50mm radial depth version will not work with our 299x32mm disc.

Pad Cross Reference 
Since we do not sell most of the brands listed below, Essex cannot guarantee the fitment of these pads in the AP Racing CP8350 caliper. Based on our research however, we believe that these are the appropriate cross references for the basic shape. However, you should verify with either the manufacturer or your installer prior to purchasing any of them.


D43 Depth


Part Number















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