AiM - GPS08 Module for MXL, EVO3, MXL2/MXG/MXS

AiM - GPS08 Module for MXL, EVO3, MXL2/MXG/MXS

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The GPS08 module from AiM further expands the track mapping abilities of the EVO3 data logger and MXL, MXL2/MXG/MXS, and MyChron4 dashes. In addition, the GPS08 allows lap timing (even split times) without the use of trackside beacons, storing data for up to 50 tracks with up to 5 splits per track. The GPS08 can also calculate and log speed, lateral and longitudinal g-forces, and of course vehicle position. 

Simple to install: Just connect the CAN cable to your dash and mount the GPS antenna. This configuration contains all of the GPS electronics inside the antenna. This solves the RFI issue that the original GPS Module had, so cable routing is less critical. The GPS unit willl even automatically configure itself during start-up!

The GPS08 is compatible with AiM MXL, MXL2, MXG, and MXS auto dashes; MyChron4 kart dashes, and EVO3 data loggers. Choose a cable length to suit your installation: 1.3m (4 ft) is appropriate for most formula cars, karts, and bikes. 4m (13 ft) is long enough for sedans.