NecksGen REV Head & Neck Restraint

NecksGen REV Head & Neck Restraint

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NecksGen REV Head & Neck Restraint

Made in the USA
The NecksGen units are designed and made in the USA, using the latest carbon fiber composite Dupont material. Not only are these materials lightweight, but they are extremely strong. 

SFI 38.1 Certification
All NecksGen head and neck restraints have passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing procedures. 

1. Quick Release Helmet Hardware
Unique single hand quick eject helmet attachment system. 

2. Emergency Pull
Optional pull tag for quick disconnect. 

3. Padding
The shoulder and collarbone padding provide added comfort to the unit. 

4. Winglets
Large adult units can accept 2” or 3” seat belts. Small unit accepts 2" belts only. The wings aid in keeping your harness in place under impact. Even in multiple impact situations where the belts could loosen. 

5. Tension Neutralizing Tether
Using a proprietary single tension-neutralizing tether (TNT), the loads under impact are distributed through four different load paths. This unique system offers an equal distribution of forces under impact. This system also offers a full range of head motion and side and angular impact protection. 

6. Low Profile Design
The low profile design makes egress in and out of the car in an emergency easier

What are the advantages of the NecksGen REV unit?
Comfort – the REV takes comfort to a new level… there is no frontal yoke, with no pressure on your body or collar bone. Our low profile design gives full range of head motion with no front or rear interference with your helmet.

Side Impact Protection – due to the placement and angle of the lower tether mount, the NecksGen REV unit offers unsurpassed angular impact protection.

Safety – the REV performs exceptionally well in the SFI 38.1 sled tests. 

Clearance – the REV has a low profile design which creates minimal interference with the seat and helmet in the driving position.

Single Tether – the single self-aligning helmet tether creates full range of head motion while driving and offers maximum side impact protection.

Where is the NecksGen REV made?
The NecksGen REV is made in San Diego, California USA.

What is the NecksGen REV made from?
The NecksGen REV is made from a Dupont carbon fiber composite.

How heavy is the NecksGen REV?
The NecksGen REV is very lightweight, at 1.5 lbs for the large unit, 1.3 lbs for the medium and 1 lb for the small unit (with all tethers and hardware attachments).

Do I need special tools to install the helmet hardware?
No, the NecksGen REV uses standard tools. We do supply a tool kit.

Will I be able to move my head from side to side?
Yes, the NecksGen REV has self aligning tethers that offer range of motion from left to right.

Will NecksGen place pressure on my clavicle (collar bone)?
No, the NecksGen REV has no solid structure on your collar bone and has body forming pads which go under the seat belt at the collar bone position. There is no hard surface to press on your collar bone.

Will I need to buy shoulder pads?
No, the NecksGen REV comes with a pad that covers the contact point of the seat belt over the collar bone.

Will the NecksGen REV restrict my body movement while driving?
No, the NecksGen REV sits on the large trapezoidal muscle behind the shoulder. There is no interference on the frontal section of the driver.

Will the NecksGen unit interfere with my roll bar/cage?
No, the low rear section of the NecksGen allows easy access in tight areas with low roll bars, such as Dragsters and land speed cars.