J's Racing 1.5-Way Limited Slip Differential - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

J's Racing 1.5-Way Limited Slip Differential - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

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J's Racing 1.5-Way Limited Slip Differential - Honda S2000 AP1 AP2

1.5 way mechanical (clutch) type LSD

Cam angle 45-25 degree

Initial torque 6.5kg (before the driving)

This is the LSD born with the objective of winning the race.

In addition to the superior locking performance, it is created to reduce the stress in street driving with the chattering noise reduced to the minimum.

Our LSD has the locking performance, quietness, and the durability attained at very high level, and has been performing excellently in all the driving scenes from the street, the super endurance series, and many races in the world.  It promises the smooth locking and excellent stability.   This LSD can be recommended for any driving stages.

For a long time, we recognized the advantage of using a cone spring in LSD, which has been the J’s Racing’s consistent LSD concept.  From the first production, our LSDs have been a clutch type which is externally pressured by coned spring.

In general, the repulsive power of a spring is proportionate to its force of either pulling or pushing.  However, a cone spring has different unique characteristics.   The repulsive power remains constant to a certain point against the external pull or push, then it either increases or decreases in a different rate depending on the design of the cone spring.    With this flexible characteristics, we successfully designed the cone spring for the best LSD.  It is a widely misunderstood concept that the locking performance of the LSD is equal to its initial torque.   J’s Racing design concept is that LSD can generate an ideal locking without relying on the strength of the initial torque.

By providing the liner response to your throttle movement, our LSD offers the very stable driving feeling.   An LSD with large discs tends to cause an erratic behavior on a tight cornering, to make loud chattering noise, and to lose the stability on your fine throttle movement at high speed cornering.   You do not have to worry about those negative points on our LSD.  J’s Racing LSD gives you a superb stability with the smoothness.

**Please contact us regarding current availability prior to ordering**

Regarding the J's Racing LSD:
--We recommend synthetic LSD oil.  The performance of the LSD is widely influenced by the choice of LSD oil.
--Please keep the service manual of your vehicle ready to hand.  Acquaint yourself very well to the product and installation process before you start the installation.  We strongly recommend the LSD to be installed by an experienced mechanic at the well equipped garage.
--If you notice any strange noise or vibration during the driving, stop the car and check and repair the problem.
--J’s Racing is not responsible for any damage or accident which is caused by incorrect installation or usage.
--The price does not include any installation service.