Holley Terminator LS1 / LS6 EFI Engine Management

Holley Terminator LS1 / LS6 EFI Engine Management

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  • Kit includes everything you need to control your stock or mild LS transplant engine
  • Pre-calibrated for no-hassle installation and tuning
  • Fully adjustable thru included 3.5” left color touchscreen
  • Available for 24x and 58x crank sensors
  • Available for LS1/2/3/6 and 4.8/5.3 and 6.0 truck engines
  • Throttle Body Systems: Base kits control fuel and spark
  • Throttle Body Systems: Available with and without electronic transmission control
  • Throttle Body Systems: Supports 250-600 horsepower
  • Multi-Port Systems: Simple Installation - Plug and Play control. Just plug the harness into your factory sensors, wire the power and grounds and you are ready to let the Terminator take complete control of your LS engine
  • Multi-Port Systems: Base kits control fuel and spark, advanced kits control drive by wire and / or GM electronic transmissions
  • Multi-Port Systems: Integrated drive by wire throttle body control
  • Multi-Port Systems: Designed to work well with LS engines that have stock to mild camshafts
  • Multi-Port Systems: Designed to be used with factory GM coils