McLeod Clutch on a Supercharged K24 S2000

McLeod Clutch on a Supercharged K24 S2000

4th Jan 2019

Under the hood of Alex's S2000 is a K24 motor with Kraftwerks Supercharger, which the stock clutch is not able to hold.

Alex and team needed a clutch that can hold double the power and torque output of stock, but yet retain near stock pedal pressure of the stock clutch.

McLeod Street Supreme clutch kit was just the ticket.  "I was very impressed, clutch pedal pressure felt very similar to stock."
Held up without any issues thus far on the Mustang dyno.  We will keep you updated on the long-term usage.  This car will be out at Barber motorsports park next week for more testing!

This is the newest offering in the Tuner Series Line, and it's the perfect choice for street to track applications.  This clutch kit is recommended for car producing 70-100% more power.