Tomei Fuel Pressure Kit for Nissan 240SX KA24DE-T

Tomei Fuel Pressure Kit for Nissan 240SX KA24DE-T

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TF-Works-Tomei Fuel Pressure Kit for KA24DE


FPR : (TB507A-0000A)
The factory fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is great for stock to mild tuning, but it is not capable of increased fuel demands for high horsepower applications. Tuners require more fuel to power their modern engines and Tomei has created 2 new FPRs to meet this need. The Tomei FPR comes with 3 ports on the bottom, and both sides.  The bottom is for the fuel exit (1/8 NPT).  One side is for fuel inlet (1/8 NPT), and the other is for pressure sensor connections (1/8 PT).  The Tomei comes in Type S (Standard sized Diaphragm) and Type L (Larger Sized Diaphragm).

  • Type S 185001 is recommended as factory replacement and increased fuel demands.



Gauge : (TB510A-0000A)

A Fuel Pressure Gauge is an important part of every car. Use this gauge to monitor your fuel pressure levels and modify it if you have an adjustable fuel pressur regulator (FPR). Please be sure to adjust your pressure accordingly either to the service manual or your own preference before any kind of tuning or operation.

  • 1/8 PT- thread size ( this is a Japanese pipe thread, not a NPT thread)

Adapter : (TB508A-0000A)
Tomei fuel pressure adapter bolts directly to the stock fuel rail.  You can a 1/8 NPT adapter to fit such as the Tomei one.  This will allow you to make a custom fuel setup.


Fitting : (TB509A-0000B) 
Tomei fuel adapter fits on threads with a 1/8 NPT size.  Popular for custom fuel setups that require a variety of sizes and fittings.  Comes with teflon tape already applied.

  •  High quality blue anodizing finish.  Please check your thread sizes to see if it will fit.
  •  1/8 NPT to 8mm Nipple, 90 Degree Elbow.