TF-Works BMW E30 K-Swap Kit - Phase 2

TF-Works BMW E30 K-Swap Kit - Phase 2

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“Due to the overwhelming popularity of our oil pans we are doing our best to keep up with the orders. We should have more pans ready by March”
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We are excited to release the BMW E30 K-Swap Kit.
This is our Phase 2:
- E30 Kswap engine mounts.
- High capacity baffled oil pan with front sump.
- Transmission adapter plate for ZF 5spd, 6spd or the stock G260 transmission.
- Twin disc clutch or billet aluminum flywheel (flywheel - you will still need to source a clutch of your choice)

What makes our kit unique?
Unlike the M20, the oil pan is no longer the lowest part of the car.  In fact our pan sits 1.0" above the the front subframe.
Our pan has a 7.5qt capacity!
The focus of the pan's design was the keep the sump submerged in oil under high G-forces to minimize fluctuations in oil pressures.
Whether you're drifting or road racing, our pan is able to provide consistent oil pressures, which is key to the life of your engine.
Track tested, and every single pan is hand made and pressure checked, and even fitted on two engines prior to receiving our seal of approval.
We designed the kit so that the stock drivetrain can be used.  You do not have to make any modifications from the transmission back.
Each oil pan comes with one 1/2" female bung on the passenger side of the oil pan for turbo oil return.  You can use a -10AN fitting with 1/2" NPT.
 - If you need an extra 1/2" female bung on the driver side (as pictured) please select the option to add.  
Each oil pan comes with a 1/8" NPT bung for you oil temp sensor.  We include an aluminum plug in case you do not need it.
Each oil pan comes with an extra large 3/4-16 magnetic drain plug. 

Phase 2 includes our billet transmission adapter plate and flywheel for G260 Trans.  
Our trans adapter will allow you to run the factory transmission without any modification.  This means, if you already have trans mounts, and shifters for it there will be absolutely no need to change anything.
Our popular twin disc clutch with genuine SACHS throw out bearing for G260 transmission for those looking to go big power or for race application.

Many more parts are in development, so stay tuned!