Megan Racing - Tension Rod Bushing - 240SX S13/S14/S15

Megan Racing - Tension Rod Bushing - 240SX S13/S14/S15

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Megan Racing Tension Rod Bushing - 89-02 240SX S13/14/15

Megan Racing introduces their new factory replacement style bushing. It features hardened rubber so it has less flexibility, and give the car more handling response. This will also let you replace those old, worn out bushings. This will require professional installer for proper fitment. Installation needs to be pressed in.

Tension rods: These control caster, anti-dive, and anti-lift in the front suspension. Caster helps determine camber gain over the suspension stroke and steering axis inclination. Caster also helps “auto turn” the wheel when countersteering. The angle of the tension rod (vertical plane, front to back) also helps determine anti-dive under braking situations, and anti-lift on acceleration.

- Hardened rubber
- 2 pieces/set

NOTE: Will require to be pressed in.