Full-Race External Wastegate Manifold - 2020+ A90 Toyota Supra

Full-Race External Wastegate Manifold - 2020+ A90 Toyota Supra

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he all new A90 Toyota Supra turbo manifold is for racers looking to adapt modern aftermarket racing turbos to your B58 engine. This all manifold design takes maximum advantage of the integrated cylinder head and twin scroll turbocharger exhaust confuguration. Dual external wastegates allows T4 divided turbos to generate fast spool and a broad powerband. Robotically TIG welded to resist cracks and support the turbo without bracing. Setup can support 450 to 1000hp – suitable for use with Garrett, Precision, Borg Warner EFR, Airwerks and most any other T4 twinscroll turbocharger.

Thick wall stainless steel construction
Your choice of Dual TiAL MVS (38mm) or Dual TiAL MVR (44mm) Wastegates
Precision robotic TIG welding
True Twin Scroll design spools the turbo faster with better VE and more power from idle, all the way to redline
Made In The USA

External Wastegate Version, requires custom tuning – not compatible with OEM Internal WG actuator (IWG coming soon)
Dump tubes are not included
Compatible with stock and ported cylinder heads