Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch Kit - 86-91 Mazda RX-7

Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch Kit - 86-91 Mazda RX-7

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Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch Kit - 86-91 Mazda RX-7

These Exedy clutches meet or exceed OEM specifications and are made of the highest materials available. Exedy is the OE supplier to many car manufacturers as standard equipment. Exedy's pursuit of perfection and the assurance of safety underlie their famed quality and reliability. Their advanced engineering and patented innovations have made Exedy the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for Clutches and other powertrain components. This clutch kit is a new set made up of all Exedy components. 

This clutch set includes:

  • Clutch Disk
  • Outside Diameter Size - 225mm (8 7/8")
  • Spline Diameter - 15/16"
  • Number of Splines - 22
  • Pressure Plate
  • Throw-out Bearing
  • Alignment tool
  • Pilot bearing
  • Installation guide
  • Fits the following engines:
  • R2; 1.3L; Non-Turbo; Gas

If you are noticing a strong burning smell from your clutch it may be time to change it. This Exedy Clutch Set even includes a throw out bearing and the special alignment tool to ensure a hassle free installation.


  • Spline Dia: 15/16in
  • Disc: 225mm (8-7/8in)
  • Splines: 22