CP Piston Rings for 86.5mm

CP Piston Rings for 86.5mm

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CP Pistons Piston Rings are produced to give our customers the best possible ring seal and minimize blow-by. Purchased in bulk from the finest manufacturers in the world and packaged in combinations for your application.
All rings are also available individually.  If you have a 4 cylinder engine - you will need qty 4.

These sets deliver reliable and dependable performance and come in a variety of sizes and widths. CP Pistons can custom design any combination Top, Second, and Oil ring shown, to be made as a custom ring set.

In Choosing your ring combination we consider:

  • Power adders (supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous)
  • Type of racing
  • RPM
  • Type of fuel
  • Expected life

From this information, we choose:

  • Ring material
  • Ring thickness
  • Ring sealing surface
  • Ring design
  • Ring tension (radial wall)
  • CP Piston Rings are priced and sold per ringset. 4 Cylinder engines will require 4
  • Individual Ring Set
  • 2nd Ring: 1.5mm Cast Iron Back Cut 2nd Ring
  • Bore: 3.406in
  • Oil Ring: 3.0mm .150 Radial Wall Low Tension Flex Vent Oil Ring
  • Top Ring: Gas Nitride Top Ring