Aim Solo2 Replacement Flat Bracket for Mount

Aim Solo2 Replacement Flat Bracket for Mount

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The magnets on the back of the AiM Solo2 lap timer makes it easy to move from car to car, but once you're in the second car, you need an extra mounting plate for the magnets to stick to. This is the same steel mounting plate as included with the Solo2 and Solo2 DL. It has interlocking tabs to keep the Solo from sliding off under high shock loads. Sold individually.

Fits Solo2 / Solo2 DL only. Does not work with original Solo / SoloDL.

This is the AiM X47KPFSOLO2R0 "data box mount" required by SCCA for FB, FX, P1, and P2 classes beginning in 2019. It has the new 2-leg design mentioned in Member Advisory MA-20-03 "Data Box Mounting Plate."