Xcessive - JZX90 / 100 Urethane Transmission Mount

Xcessive - JZX90 / 100 Urethane Transmission Mount

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A good urethane transmission mount is crucial to keeping the tail shaft from jumping around and the shifter where it should be. When you apply more power, do clutch drops or just like crisper clutch and throttle response, a good mount is a must.

General construction

  We make our transmission mounts with the same urethane bushings we use on motor mounts, this keeps everything consistent and proven tough. The standard bushings are 80A firmness (Orange), we also offer softer 65A (yellow) at no charge to change out (excluding BMW).

Toyota Mounts

   We have several mounts for Toyota transmissions, if you're not sure which one you need, give us a call or and email and we'll get you the right one.


*Please confirm your bushing mount type before ordering. This is for a series 2 or series 4 transmission mount!*


Series 2 mounts are typical to late model W and R transmissions, 1993 and up. The S2 has a 4 bolt V pattern on the transmission that have a staggered pattern. The 8mm 4 stud base has a bolt pattern spacing of 40m x 45m.

Series 4 mounts are a hybrid mount that's used for later S2 type transmissions onto early style transmission cross members.