TF-Works RWD Kswap K24 Billet Intake Manifold - Stealth Black

TF-Works RWD Kswap K24 Billet Intake Manifold - Stealth Black

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New Kswap billet intake manifold!
We took all of the things we learned about the Kswap and even spoke to actual drivers, mechanics and even fabricators to find out what they would like from our Kswap intake manifold.
What we learned from all of that data blended with our own experience with our own builds, we set out to engineer one of the best RWD Kswap intake manifolds!

We wanted to engineer an intake manifold that not only has the right aesthetics in the engine bay, but functions as well as it looks.  
We understand that as the K-series sits very far back in most engine bays, so we engineered our manifold with firewall clearance in mind and offers good clearance for brake boosters even in the E30.

Our intake manifold has proven results and features to make it one of the best!

Plenum Features:
The native throttle body flange is a 90mm Mustang, and we offer a choice of billet adapters for the K-Series, Bosch 74mm DBW, and the B-series throttle bodies, which are O-ring'd for a perfect seal.  The flange is clocked 15 degrees away from the engine, which makes intake pipe and intercooler pipe routing a breeze.  The design also helps promote air flow to cylinder 1.
Intake plenum cover is also removable and it can be flipped, and is also O-ring'd.  
As most throttle bodies have idle adjustment screws, we removed the factory IACV as they are prone to fail due to excessive engine vibrations.  One less thing to fail.
Vacuum ports are on the side for easy access along with a 3/8 NPT port for the brake booster.  In addition to those we added provision on the bottom for anyone that may want to drill and tap additional vacuum ports or just want to run a stealthy vacuum block setup.
Bottom of the plenum cover also features bosses for M6 bolts to tuck your wire harness or coolant hose.
Plenum capacity is 2.7L.

Runner Features:
The billet runners were engineered to have the longest length possible to help with low end torque, while maintaining a compact plenum design.
Engineered with CFD Analysis, each billet runner is unique in design to ensure proper air flow to each cylinder.
The lower flange bolts are slotted, which makes installing the intake manifold a breeze. No more holding up the intake while fumbling with bolts.
The flange also has an integrated port for your coolant by pass on the K24 motor.
Genuine Honda OEM gasket is also included.

Fuel Rail:
Billet fuel rail features -8 ORB, and utilizes K-series injectors.