TF-Works Kswap Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold - Red

TF-Works Kswap Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold - Red

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Expected restock date is 8/19/24


We are excited to release our Kswap carbon fiber intake manifold.


Our new manifold features a 100% real carbon fiber plenum cover with billet aluminum throttle body flange and steel threaded inserts.

This intake manifold is very special as the runners can be rearranged to position the plenum cover lower by 1.0" and back by .75". Although this is not necessary for RWD configuration, we felt that this can help with other swaps such as Acura NSX, Toyota MR-2, MR-S, and even Porsche where the plenum cover may need to be flipped. 
The CF plenum cover has grown over 10% in total volume from the previous billet version to 3.0L!  Although the volume has increased, the footprint of the plenum cover allows for increased clearance from the strut tower and firewall.  This allows for better clearance for brake boosters and just better overall servicability!
CFD aided design ensures proper air flow to each runner, and the native throttle body flange is a common 90mm Mustang 5.0 throttle body if you choose to run it.  You can choose between a B-Series, K-Series or a Porsche DBW adapter flange for whichever throttle body you choose to run.
If you are installing this intake manifold on a IS300, we offer a 15 degree K-series throttle body adapter which clocks throttle body straight forward to avoid the factory OEM ECU Box.  (Slight trimming of the cover is required to clear).  Please keep an eye out as we have a new low profile cover coming soon if you plan to retain the factory ECU where it sits.

To retain a clean look, the MAP sensor and three vacuum ports are positioned on the billet aluminum flange of the plenum cover.  Only the 3/8 NPT port for the brake booster is located on the exterior of the cover.  There are two 1/8 NPT ports and one 1/4 NPT Port if you want to run a vacuum block.
The flange also features a M6x1.0 boss provision in the back for mounting accessories such as a swirl pot. 
Another feature is the slotted lower bolt holes on the manifold flange, which allows for easy install and removal without having to try and thread in the lower bolts blind.  You can leave the lower bolts threaded in partially and just use the slots to rest the manifold on them while installing the upper bolts through the holes.

The manifold also comes with a billet fuel rail with three -8AN ORB ports.  The fuel rail can run stock OEM K-series fuel injectors if you choose to run them or the popular FIC or Injector Dynamics K-series Injectors.

The plenum cover and the runners are sealed by rubber O-rings, which are resident to grease, hydraulic oil, motor oil, water, and mild-chemicals.

Each manifold comes assembled with blue thread lock, pressure and smoke tested to ensure there are zero leaks.
We also install OEM Honda fuel injectors to seal the injector ports during testing and this also ensures proper fitment of the fuel rail.

If you need to purchase the ORB fittings for our fuel rail using AN fittings - CLICK HERE.