Precision Turbo Ball Bearing 5562 .64 A/R GEN 2 CEA (550 hp) - T3 V-band IN/OUT

Precision Turbo Ball Bearing 5562 .64 A/R GEN 2 CEA (550 hp) - T3 V-band IN/OUT

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PT5562 BB SP
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This has become a popular turbo for the RWD K-swap, and currently one of our favorites for the k24 engine.
One of the benefits of Precision Turbos is that it is oil cooled.  No water lines to the turbo, which is one less thing to worry about.
This turbo can run efficiently at 300hp or can push up to 550hp.  

Featuring the latest and greatest in compressor and turbine wheel technology from Precision, the PT5562 GEN2 CEA® offers a unique combination of Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA®) with both hot and cold sides! Offering substantially more horsepower over similarly sized turbos, the PT5562 GEN2 CEA® is the perfect choice for those wanting to make more power without changing their current system. 

Precision turbo and engine Gen2 turbochargers are ideal for the diehard racer or the daily driver looking to boost their performance. Each Gen2 turbocharger has a compressor wheel machined from 2618 aluminum forging and multiple turbine housing options are available. Precision customers have a history of setting records and being noticed--not just sitting in the stands watching the action. Get involved and be a part of the action with their Gen2 turbochargers!