Halo P1 - World's Most Advanced Racing Brake Fluid

Halo P1 - World's Most Advanced Racing Brake Fluid

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Halo P1

Halo P1 features Fade Resistant Technology™ which ensures low compressibility across a wide temperature range and delivers the most consistent pedal feel over an entire race distance.
Typical dry boiling point:
648°F / 341°C 

Wet boiling point was not a concern as race teams bleed and fill with fresh fluid prior to each race for optimal performance.
Bottled in an alloy can to eliminate moisture absorption.
Each bottle is:  20.3oz   (note: motul bottles are 16.9oz)

Halo P1 brake fluid is the same extreme high-temperature fluid used in Formula 1, World Rally Championship, FIA World Endurance, and Moto GP.
Halo P1 is formulated using the purest form of methyl borate ester which gives the fluid an extremely high polarity. Like magnets, this polarity means that the molecules within the fluid strongly repel each other which makes the fluid highly resistant to compression, even at higher temperatures.

Incompressible Confidence

Halo P1 polyglycol-ether-based brake fluid combines the lowest compressibility, lowest moisture affinity, and highest resistance to aeration of any brake fluid available.
Halo P1 is extremely incompressible over the widest temperature range. Stable pedal feel = elevated driver confidence = faster laps.


Orthene are the world’s largest, specialist brake fluid manufacturer. Orthene have been producing the world’s best high-performance road and racing brake fluid for over 45 years.
In 2007 with continual innovation of brake fluids results in the development of Ortehene's 320 DOT4 fluid, with the highest boiling point available.
In 2013 Orthene develops a DOT 5.1 low-viscosity fluid, a world first.
In 2019 Orthene develops the world's first brake fluid specifically for the Electric hybrid vehicles, named the DOT 5.1 EHV.
In 2020 yet another breakthrough for the racing industry as Orthene develop the world's first DOT 4 racing brake fluid that boils over 330 °C.  This is now the highest boiling point brake fluid in the world that conforms to the DOT standards.
In 2023 Halo launches in December.  The most advanced racing brake fluid in the world with the highest boiling point on the market.