ZSpeed  V2 CSC HD Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder 2006 350Z, 370Z, G35S, G37, Q60

ZSpeed V2 CSC HD Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder 2006 350Z, 370Z, G35S, G37, Q60

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ZSpeed Performance Heavy Duty V2 Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder

The ZSpeed Advantage against other slave cylinders on the market.

  • Does not reuse stock tube assy. The ZSpeed HD CSC Heavy Duty Clutch Slave Cylinder will replace the plastic stock Nissan Clutch Slave Cylinder AND fluid pipe tube assembly. Other so called HD Slaves reuse the stock hard tube which in many cases the bleeder is seized into.
  • Robust brass block bleeder assy. Unlike the stock style pipe assy (steel on steel) used on the stock clutch slave and other slaves where the bleeder screw can become seized and snap off, our bleeder assy is replaceable if the bleed screw should ever become stuck, This is very unlikely to happen with our coated brass bleed block but if it ever did you simply remove banjo bolt and replace the entire brass block with one bolt. OEM style requires you to remove the transmission!
  • Easily rebuildable With any internal type CSC it should be changed or replaced with every clutch change as the bearing is an integral part of the slave body and cannot be replaced separate. With other type replacement slaves on the market it will require you to replace the ENTIRE slave again at this time at full price. ZSpeed Offers a rebuild kit @ a much lower cost than buying the entire unit again.
  • All new stainless steel lines Included! ZSpeeds HD Slave comes with all new stainless braided clutch lines!
  • Your stock rubber clutch hose from trans to slave can be reused but we recommend upgrading to our Insulated Flexible SS Stainless Clutch Hose for optimum performance. The stock hose has a very small fluid port, Our SS Insulated hose has a larger bore and will offer quicker pedal return and action.

Our Heavy Duty Clutch Slave Cylinder will bolt directly on to your car with no modifications needed to install

Clutch height is critical with an internal type slave, new clutch/flywheel stack height should be 81-83mm high when fully bolted down to flywheel. measurement is taken from back of flywheel crank surface to top of clutch fingers where bearing makes contact.  The OEM LUK clutch will be higher than this but it is a self adjusting clutch so the height will never change. The OEM LUK is fine to use in this case.

MOTUL RBF600 BRAKE FLUID should be used with this kit. 1 bottle is normally enough to bleed the system.

A new Clutch master cylinder should be installed at the same time, This prevents problems from worn/dirty original units.

Anytime your transmission is pulled you should replace the “Clutch Pilot Bushing”  Not changing the pilot bushing may cause noise if not changed.


Nissan 350Z VQ35HR

Nissan 370Z VQ37VHR

Infiniti G35S 07-08 Sedans 6mt VQ35HR

Infiniti G37 VQ37VHR

Infiniti Q60 VQ37VHR