Wiring Specialties Harness - Nissan S13 2JZ

Wiring Specialties Harness - Nissan S13 2JZ

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The Wiring Specialties 2JZ S13 engine wiring harness is designed for a direct drop-in installation into any year S13 240sx (89-94) with a 2JZGTE engine. Each Pre Made Harness will save you time, improve engine performance, give your engine bay a factory look and comes equipped with our Turn Key Start-Up Guarantee! 
* For AEM MAP conversion, please indicate the location of the AIT and the MAP sensors on the engine/piping in the NOTES section when ordering. 

Engine: 2JZGTE  

- Any 2JZ from 93-98 Supra or Aristo

S13 240SX  - Any S13 240sx manufactured in 1989-1994 (Including the Convertible and ABS cars)

Engine Harness Features:

- Brand new wiring and connectors- Installs in 30 minutes- Improved grounding routing by addition of internal cross-grounding- OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart)- Designed for a factory-like installation and fit and finish for the S13 240sx- Retains OEM wiper functionality- Retains Cruise Control and all gauge functions (needs frequency modulator installed - optional).- All A/C, Temp override, Auto On/Off functions properly- OEM wiring connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all- Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement- Replaces the OEM engine harness entirely- Will improve engine performance through better grounding and power wiring- Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee