Wilwood - Hydraulic Handbrake (Hydro Ebrake) with Master Cylinder + Reservoir

Wilwood - Hydraulic Handbrake (Hydro Ebrake) with Master Cylinder + Reservoir

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WILWOOD Hydraulic Handbrake Lever Assemblies provide a lightweight, high-leverage component for drift cars, drag race cars, rally cars, or any application where hand-actuation of one or more brake calipers is employed. Hand brakes can be configured as stand-alone circuits with dedicated reservoirs and auxiliary calipers, or set up as a pass-through system to operate brake calipers that are also actuated by the foot brake master cylinder.


• Lightweight forged aluminum 11:1 ratio "H" beam lever with ergonomic full-length grip

• Choice of vertical or horizontal static lever configuration

• Accepts any vertical flange master cylinder with 2.25" mounting centers

• Use with integral or remote reservoir master cylinders for stand-alone systems

• Use with GS-style, remote-feed master cylinders for pass-through systems

• Durable e-coat finish for long-lasting good looks and resistance to corrosion or oxidation 


*Comes with GS Compact Integral Master Cylinder*


Master Cylinder Specs:

Bore Size: 3/4"
Outlet size: 3/8-24