WEDS Kranze Zildawn (Coming Soon)

WEDS Kranze Zildawn (Coming Soon)

Call for Price Coming soon Summer 2021!

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  • The new Kranze Zildawn is the newest addition to the Kranze 3-piece lineup for 2021
  • The Zildawn is designed with Kranze’s “three-dimensional design language” which is synonymous with other modern Kranze Wheels
  • Much like other Kranze 3-Piece wheels, the Zildawn is available in a single piece “Zildawn Evo” model
  • Available in 19” - 22” inch diameters with a maximum width of up to 13”
  • The Zildawn and Zildawn EVO will be available in Spring of 2021. 

The Zildawn is the newest addition to the Kranze wheel family for 2021. As the flagship multi-piece brand from Weds, Kranze designers have always strived to create wheels which offer striking, memorable designs, and the Zildawn is no different. The Zildawn makes use of Kranze’s three-dimensional design language which creates a highly intricate design; this design language has been used on other modern Kranze wheels. The Zildawn makes heavy use of triangular shapes yet retains an organic-seeming shape for the spokes to aim for a non-geometric feel normally seen in many wheels. The visual representation of the wheel will change greatly depending on which color the wheel is finished in, as the contrasting colors against the polished spokes adds a new degree of dimensionality.

Custom Built To Order 

Since the Kranze Zildawn is built-to-order, you’re offered a wide range of customization and compatibility options as the wheel is built specifically for you. Everything from the lip finish, to the assembly bolts can be configured at the time of ordering. In addition, every size of the Kranze Zildawn is available in Hi-disk, ensuring compatibility with big brake kits no matter what specification you order. 

Multiple Disk Types

The availability of multiple disk types allows for a larger list of compatibility with brake calipers of varying shapes and sizes. S-Lo, Lo, Mid and Hi-disks are available. The hub height for each available disk type varies on the size chosen; please check the values listed on the specification sheet before ordering. 

Zildawn EVO 

The Zildawn EVO is a single-piece version of the Zildawn and features a nearly identical face design to its multi-piece sibling. The lines and curved surfaces were adjusted to make the wheel’s face more suited to the new single-piece design, along with a Kranze emblem on the outer edge of the wheel face. The Zildawn EVO is ideal for customers who are not looking for the utmost in customization options and/or do not want a multi-piece wheel’s design or price. The Zildawn EVO is available in 18”-22” with 9.0” as the maximum width; SBC Polish is the only color available. 

JWL, VIA & JAWA - Fully tested and certified

Weds, Co. LTD and Super Star Co. LTD are both JAWA (Japanese Light Alloy Wheel Association) members and are registered with JWL & VIA. All of our wheels undergo testing to make sure they exceed required specifications by 10% in order to pass; for our multi-piece wheels, every available specification and bolt pattern is also tested to pass. The Zildawn and Zildawn EVO, along with other wheels manufactured by Weds and Super Star, Co., LTD include certification numbers placed on a sticker on the inner barrel. 

Pricing and Availability

The Kranze Zildawn and Zildawn EVO will be available to order in Spring of 2021. Pricing will vary depending on the color chosen and the size ordered.