*TF-Works Twin Disc Clutch for K Series to ZF Transmission - 6 Speed

*TF-Works Twin Disc Clutch for K Series to ZF Transmission - 6 Speed

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The ACT Clutch single disc clutch started to slip on the dyno at 560whp on our K-swapped S14.
Although the sprung 6-puck clutch has better street manners, we needed a clutch that can handle more.
We also noticed at 8500+ RPM we had difficulty shifting.

We decided to make a twin disc clutch, which was capable of 750+ ft/lbs of torque and felt at home at high RPM shifting.
Our clutch is a 7.25" (184mm) twin disc designed for smaller bell housings such as the ZF transmissions.
Our twin disc clutch is developed by engineers with decades of experience in racing enviornments.

Due to minimal rotational mass, this clutch is not the most ideal for daily street use, however due to the advancement in the friction materials and moderate pedal pressure it is forgiving for occasional street driving.
Our twin disc comes with two ceramic rigid discs.

The cover is machined from billet aluminum, which is Type 3 hard anodized.
Our billet covers have approximately 25% more tensile strength then the competition's cast covers.
The design of the cover allows us to keep the weight down, while eliminating flex.  At most you will see .003" of flex, and this means the driver is able to operate the clutch much more consistently.
The increased rigidity of the cover also means that each time you depress the clutch pedal all of that force is not wasted by a flexing cover.  This equates to higher clamping force over the same amount of area compared to a cast or stamped cover.

The flywheels are machined out of chromoly steel.
Why go through all of this engineering?
We want you to have the best quality product possible and have the confidence in buying TF Products!

Please use Genuine OEM Honda flywheel bolts.  Click Here to Order

- Individual components can be purchased for economical repair.
- Positive release for ease of high RPM shifting.
- Proven faster 4/10's times in drag environments.
- Proven durability in Time Attack environments.
- Made in USA
-We cannot confirm fitment with any other mfr's parts