StopTech 2 Piece Slotted Zinc Coated AeroRotor for Nissan R35 GTR - Front

StopTech 2 Piece Slotted Zinc Coated AeroRotor for Nissan R35 GTR - Front

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StopTech now offers AeroRotor kits for your GT-R! Each part consists of StopTech two-piece, floating, directional AeroRotors with iron friction rings and aluminum AeroHats®. The custom engineered and thermal-optimized StopTech ARKs for the GT-R include two-piece front rotors that feature a more robust directional AeroVane design for increased endurance, as well as additional mass to better handle the increased workload the front axle experiences in this application. Owing to the lighter workloads experienced by the rear brakes on the GT-R, the rear StopTech ARKs are able to be weight-optimized with larger air gaps to increase airflow while reducing rotational mass. With lessons learned through more than a decade of racing and testing, StopTech high performance brake components are engineered to provide shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, firmer pedal feel and less brake fade for stronger, more reliable performance on and off the track.  The anti-corrosion zinc coating option benefits those who live in cold climates, where snow and road salt are commonly encountered, or those who would prefer no visible surface rust on the vanes and outer circumference of their rotors.

Front Rotors (380x34mm)

Sold as matched pairs.