Stance XR1 Coilover - Nissan Silvia S15 '99+

Stance XR1 Coilover - Nissan Silvia S15 '99+

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XR1 is our main flagship line of coilovers. Featuring an industry leading oversized casing with inverted monotube technology standard, XR1 dampers have a higher oil capacity and larger piston diameter resulting in access to a wide range of adjustment for ultimate response without compromise. Drivers of all levels can easily adjust the damping for a sport-tuned yet comfortable ride on the street and are able to quickly dial in a more aggressive setting for characteristics needed at the track.

Utilizing the very same technology found in top tier racing, Stance Suspension development of the XR1 coilover answers the demand for a true high performance suspension able to conquer the challenging dynamics of the street. The days of sacrificing ride quality for performance are over!

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Part # ST-S15-XR1  
Chassis S15  
Year 99+  
  Front Rear
Damping adjustment 16 16
Upper mount Solid pillowball Rubber
 Inverted Monotube Inverted Upright
Damper/Spring assembly TRUE TRUE
Extension Cable No No
Helper spring Optional Optional
Spring Rate (kg/mm) 8 6