Spoon Sports Brake Pads Front Honda Civic FK8 Type R

Spoon Sports Brake Pads Front Honda Civic FK8 Type R

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The original brake system of CIVIC TYPE R (FK 8) is Brembo's 4 pot caliper + Φ 350 mm disk at the front, Φ 305 mm large capacity disk at the rear is adopted and it demonstrates a powerful stopping power, but continuous sports running such as a circuit It is essential to further improve the braking power and fade resistance. 

SPOON repeatedly tested with various abrasive materials and considered the best balance of electronic control and braking, including the adaptive damper system which is also a feature of FK 8, first. 

The characteristic of SPOON pad adopted for FK8 is wear resistance equivalent to genuine, maintaining stable effectiveness and controllability from low temperature to high temperature range, and improving fade resistance. 
Since almost no squealing of brake after sports driving occurs, you can use it widely from town ride to circuit.
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Remarks & special note
Corresponding temperature: 0 ~ 500 ℃