Sparco ICE Hood - Open Eyes

Sparco ICE Hood - Open Eyes

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Sparco ICE Hood - Open Eyes 


The Ice line of undergarments is versatile, comfortable and highly breathable. When designing this line, Sparco studied the driver’s sitting position to ensure ultimate fit and comfort. This large collection of garments has pieces to fit every driver’s style, including short-sleeved undershirts, long-sleeved undershirts, long underpants, a hood with a single eye opening, a hood with a nose bridge, knee-length socks and mid-calf socks. Additionally, pieces are offered in either a bright white that can be bleached for long-lasting vibrancy or stain-camouflaging black. Regardless of the style or color, each piece features external flat seams for added comfort and X Cool Silver that draws heat from the body surface to cool the driver. The hoods are available with a single opening or a dual eye opening; undershirts and underpants are available in sizes from S to XL for guaranteed fitment; socks are available in sizes from 38/39 to 46. The Ice line is FIA approved.

  • Available in white or black


  • Flat external seams increase driver comfort


  • X Cool Silver draws heat from the body surface to cool the driver


  • Soft Touch treatment