Silicone Intercooler Coolant Hose Kit, fits Nissan Z 2023+

Silicone Intercooler Coolant Hose Kit, fits Nissan Z 2023+

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The twin turbo VR30DDTT under the hood of the 2023+ Nissan Z churns out impressive power with minimal modifications and offers a tall ceiling if basic modifications don’t reach your goals. During development of our liquid-to-air intercooler our engineers noted that the factory rubber intercooler coolant hoses are a potential point of failure as the Z begins to age. We set out to develop a replacement hose kit using durable silicone guaranteed to outlast and outperform your stock hoses. Mishimoto silicone hoses are constructed from five layers of silicone with embedded heat resistant fibers. The silicone construction improves heat tolerance, and the internal fiber layer provides higher pressure tolerance. In addition, silicone offers improved physical properties compared to EPDM rubber, making it more resilient to degradation over time. Our intercooler coolant hose kit includes a full set of stainless-steel worm gear clamps and each hose is labeled for ease of installation. We offer this kit in black, blue, or red. As with all our products, this kit includes or signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


  • Direct fit for 2023+ Nissan Z
  • Constructed from five layers of silicone with embedded heat-resistant fibers
  • Won’t crack, dry rot, or degrade like stock rubber hoses
  • Includes all coolant hoses to service the liquid-to-air intercooler system
  • Improves heat and pressure tolerance
  • Labeled hoses for easy installation
  • Includes high-quality stainless-steel worm gear clamps for ease of installation
  • Available in black, blue, or red
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty