Red Line Synthetic Engine Oil

Red Line Synthetic Engine Oil

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Red Line Engine Oil 

Produced in only one top-of-the-line grade, these products offer the highest quality available on the market today and in the widest variety of viscosity

  • Full-synthetic ester formula for passenger cars, light trucks, performance vehicles and marine applications 
  • Designed to provide the highest protection, efficiency, cleanliness and superior drain intervals 
  • Excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions 
  • High detergency allows extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness 
  • Improved fuel economy and ring seal for more power 
  • Superior high temperature stability and oxidation resistance increases lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics 
  • High natural viscosity index (VI) provides thicker oil film in bearings and cams 
  • Less evaporation than other synthetics for improved efficiency and ring seal 
  • Blended with polyol ester base stocks that feature natural multi-grade properties, avoiding unnecessary additives that hinder lubricity 
  • All products are completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils

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