RAYS Team Daytona D108 6x139.7 Black Wheels - 18x8 +20

RAYS Team Daytona D108 6x139.7 Black Wheels - 18x8 +20

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Following the D207, the D108 is the long awaited follow up for TEAM DAYTONA's new off-road sports wheel series. The combination of its deep rim with minimal flat and wide 8 spoke design is simple yet powerful. It was designed from the ground up with performance in mind, with hollow backed spokes that reduce weight without sacrificing strength, and a knurling finish to prevent wheel/tire slippage under 4WD traction. The Matte Black finish is extremely rugged, and the sizing is aggressive enough to suit wide fenders. This is the world of 'DO WILD', the new offroad sports series from TEAM DAYTONA.


  • Knurling Finish: The knurling finish added to the bead seat reduces wheel/tire slippage when under high traction, minimizing traction loss and variations in wheel/tire balance, a major advantage when it comes to offroad sports.
  • Offroad Sports Style: The minimalistic flat and wide spokes have had their backs precisely hollowed out to maximize weight reduction whilst maintaining strength. On top of that, D108 has a line-up of sizes large enough to suit modern wide fenders.
  • A.M.T.: The TEAM DAYTONA logo is engraved into the rim flange using RAYS patented A.M.T. (Advanced Machining Technology). Its bare aluminum shines as the lone adornment on the Matte Black finish, and tops off the D108?s design.


  • Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel Knurling Finish
  • RAYS original test: 5H Model JWL+R Spec1 | 6H Model Clears JWL & JWL-T Standards
  • Color: Matte Black (BPJ)
  • Included: Center Cap (5H-127 Only), Air Valve
  • Optional: Center Cap (6H-139.7 Only)
  • Size: 18x8
  • PCD: 6x139.7
  • Offset: 20
  • Bore: 112


  • Wheel is priced individually.