PowerTune Digital Dash V5 Bundle * CAN EXTENDER *

PowerTune Digital Dash V5 Bundle * CAN EXTENDER *

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Bundle includes:


1 x Powertune Digital Dash


1 x Powertune Digital CAN EXTENDER




The Powertune Digital Standalone dash is capable of receiving up to 16 channels, including tachometer, from analogue and digital input sources via the CAN extender, from external sensors such as fuel level, temperatures/pressure to indicators and lights, wire your desired items to the extender which then broadcasts the live data to your dash. No factory OR standalone ECU required! The standalone can also simultaneously read ECU data from a supported ECU!


  • Provides up to 8 analogue (voltage OR resistance based) and 8 digital inputs which can be broadcast via CAN to receiving dash/device.
  • Compatible with aftermarket or factory sensors!
  • Works standalone, does not require an aftermarket or Factory ECU. Can also work alongside either a factory or aftermarket ECU already installed!
  • Adjustable CAN speeds and CAN IDs
  • Onboard 5V power supply to power external sensors
  • Lead time: 7-14 days


The ultimate digital dash for your car! 


  • Customize to your desired sensor outputs, display themes, preferred RPM and shift light settings
  • Set customised gauge warnings and master warnings for sensor ranges and states
  • Make adjustments for speed corrections (changed wheel size, inaccurate mechanical gauges)
  • 7" LCD display (still completely visible with direct sunlight)
  • Virtual drag/quarter mile timer


Includes the following:


  • PowerTune Digital software and ECU communication protocols
  • PowerTune Digital dash
  • 1-3 metre 12V to 5V 3amp vehicle wire-in power supply
  • Interface adapter to plug directly to your ECU (Excludes Apexi Power FC, requires FC Hako/Datalogit cable)
  • 12 month hardware warranty


GPS Add On Features:


  • Lap Timer - able to be integrated with local racetracks
  • Ability to read speed - perfect for gearbox conversions without a working speedometer
  • Smooth speed readings with 10 updates per second