OS Giken Mitsubishi LANCER EVO 4-9 4G63 TR Series Twin Plate Clutch

OS Giken Mitsubishi LANCER EVO 4-9 4G63 TR Series Twin Plate Clutch

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Distinctive Features of the OS Multi-Plate Clutch:

In spite of its decreased diameter, our clutch allows for extremely efficient power transfer and improved engine response. Our redesigned leverage mechanism of the diaphragm spring on the center cover results in higher pressure of the clutch disk while reducing pedal effort. In addition, ventilation holes are designed to reduce heat generated inside the clutch system and allows for the friction plate dust to exit outside the clutch system, thus increasing reliability and safety. All OS Giken clutches include a corresponding performance flywheel to ensure maximum performance and unlock your vehicle’s potential.

What is the difference between an OS Giken clutch and another companies clutch?

OS Giken originally started in 1973 as a race engine builder for Nissan, and gained notoriety for its legendary TC-16 motor (based on the Nissan L-Type). However, at that time the motor that OS Giken developed produced more power than any Nissan clutch could handle, and it was at that time that OS Giken decided to develop their own clutch to satisfy the power transmission demands in their racing applications. Through years of development and since its first introduction to the public in 1983, OS Giken clutches have always focused on extraordinary durability, drivability, and effective power transmission. In order to properly develop a clutch system to maximize drivetrain performance, OS Giken determined that it would be most effective to engineer and manufacture clutch kits as a clutch/flywheel package. By doing so, a clutch kit can be installed which has already been properly matched to any specific application. Additionally, the design, engineering and manufacturing of OS Giken clutch kits promote improved durability (through friction plate material which is carefully selected and alloyed so that the plates match with the materials of the flywheel and center plate), maintained drivability (through revised leverage mechanisms to provide higher disk pressure while reducing pedal effort), increased longevity (through a superior design and usage of extra manufacturing processes for strengthening)

Why are OS Giken products more costly when compared to other companies with similar products?

Since the company's inception in 1973, OS Giken engineers, develops, tests, and manufactures its products within these criteria:
.:. Excellent durability
.:. Superior performance
.:. Competitive edge
.:. Highest possible reliability


Requires MT031-BF50M