Nissan Z Brake Package:  Carbotech XP12 / XP10 + PMU G-Four

Nissan Z Brake Package: Carbotech XP12 / XP10 + PMU G-Four

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If you are planning to start taking your Nissan Z to the track, this is a great starting point.
This is for the Performance package Akebono brakes.

Stainless steel braided lines and Project Mu G-Four Dot4 brake fluid is a must for track days.  
Nothing worse than having brake fade, which can lower your confidence in your car and have to shorten each session to ensure your brake fluid doesn't boil.
This pad compound is great for those starting out in HPDE events all the way up to advanced group driving.
As the Z has a bit of weight behind those brakes, the XP12 front and XP10 rear combination worked great for us.
We were using 255 front and 275 200tw tires, and these worked well.

If you are using 275 square with aggressive tire compound such as Advan A052, using XP12 front and rear might be a better option.