Motul 300V Power 5W40 Synthetic Racing Engine Oil - 2 Liter

Motul 300V Power 5W40 Synthetic Racing Engine Oil - 2 Liter

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MOTUL 300V Racing Oil. So...what's new and so special about it?
-This is a new Ester base synthetic oil. Esters can handle higher temperatures then PAO base synthetic oils.
-When burned, esters leave far less deposits.
-Esters are Polar/Static types of oils.... they are ATTRACTED to metal parts with an electro chemical bond. This means NO MORE metal to metal start ups!
***Best of all.... this means that a film is there BEFORE the oil pressure light goes on preventing premature wear of high-stressed parts like the cam lobes.

You spent thousands in building up the motor... why put x-brand oil that CLAIM to be the best.  
Use what pros use!
Need I say more? you've seen all of the JGTC cars, ALMS cars, MotoGP, Formula cars running Motul... now the same fluids are available for your car!

From Motul:

100% Synthetic racing lubricant with Double Ester-Technology for racing cars with atmospheric or turbocharged engines and engines requiring maximum power output for high reving engines. 10W40 grade allows excellent oil flow into the engine and fast oil pressure. 

Designed for high temperatures, high shear, and the rigors of professional and endurance racing. MOTUL has developed “Double Ester Technology” for new 300V series, superior to complex ester which was previously recognized as the best base oil (up to now!). Double Ester Technology, made by carefully balancing the ratio of complex ester and the newly developed macromolecular high polymer ester, enable base oil more wide-ranged, and delivers high output performance and superior reliability. As used by many of the finest racing teams, including Honda Mugen, Osella Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Jaguar, Nismo, Venturi, Kremer and many more...

For all-round racing use, designed for handling stable oil pressure preservation and sharp response. Compatible with a wide selection of engines — naturally aspirated, high torque turbo and cars that produce average to high levels of exhaust fumes. This race oil is well suited for high torque, high output and highly tuned engines. 


*These are sold in 2 Liter cans.  Equivalent to about 2.1 quarts of oil*