Koyo Tube & Fin Intercooler HyperCore - 24x10x2.5" with Cast Aluminum End Tanks

Koyo Tube & Fin Intercooler HyperCore - 24x10x2.5" with Cast Aluminum End Tanks

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This is a ready to go Koyo hyper core with welded 2.5" inlet and outlet cast end tanks.
Pressure checked to ensure it is 100% ready to mount up.


After nearly 30 years of supplying charge cooler cores to the Japanese market, Koyorad is proud to introduce their Universal Tube and Fin Intercooler HyperCores to North America.  Koyorad has been providing cores to well-known in-house tuning, motorsports and performance divisions of major Japanese OEMs.  Koyorad’s own extruded Tube and Fin Intercooler Cores have proven their performance in professional competition series such as D1 Gran Prix, D1 Lights, D1 Street Legal, Formula D Japan, MSC Challenge, and many others.  Extruded tube and fin intercooler cores are recognized for their balance of strength, high efficiency and up to 50% in weight savings over bar and plate coolers, not to mention their distinctive good looks.  Rounded tube faces offer vastly improved ambient air penetration in comparison to flat faced bar and plate cores which result in efficient charge air heat transfer, and are less prone to heat-soak.  The improved ambient air pass-through also helps the AC condenser, radiator and other fluid coolers function at their peak performance.  Koyorad’s excellent reputation in performance cooling is a result of quality being the highest priority.  Like every all-aluminum racing radiator, each HyperCore intercooler is manufactured in Koyorad’s private ISO 9001 certified factory.


Koyorad Intercooler HyperCore Features:

  • Proven performance in Japan’s D1GP, D1SL, D1 Lights, Formula D Japan, and MSC Challenge series
  • All-aluminum, extruded tube and fin construction
  • Promotes ambient air penetration, no “brick wall” effect of bar and plate cores
  • Lightweight, up to 50% less weight than similar sized bar and plate intercooler cores
  • Koyorad Japan corporate logo stenciled on single side of core
  • Manufactured in Koyorad’s private ISO 9001 certified factory

Part #CCS2410: 24x10x2.5" 
Part #CCR2311: 23x11x4"
Part #CCR2810: 28x10x4"
Part #CCS1805: 18x5x2.5"
Part #CCS2214: 22x14x2.5"


Part #

Suggested Applications


Mitsubishi Evo 4/5/6/7/8/9/X, BMW E46, Honda Civic FK8/FK7, Mazda RX-7 FC/FD, Subaru Impreza WRX/STI GD/GR, Toyota Supra/Chaser/Aristo/Soarer, Nissan S13/S14/S15


Toyota Supra/Aristo/Chaser/Soarer, Nissan R32/R33/R34, Z32, S13/S14/S15, Mitsubishi Evo 4/5/6/7/8/9/X


Nissan R32/R33/R34/R35


Early sports compact turbocharged, custom small turbo kits: Honda Civic EF/EG/EK, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota AE86, AW11, etc.


Excellent for larger than typical bumper openings or modified bumpers for increased intercooler size