Hondata FlashPro

Hondata FlashPro

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The Hondata FlashPro is our go to engine management for supported drive by wire Hondas.  Hondata’s proven hardware and software can unlock the potential of your setup for maximum performance and efficiency. Using it is as simple as plugging your FlashPro into your cars' OBD-2 diagnostic port and plugging the provided USB cable into your laptop.  Our extensive experience with Hondata products has allowed us to offer a wide range of tuning services whether it is on our in house dyno, via remote tuning or through the process of E-tuning. Please contact us for more information on getting setup for a tune or basemap. 







2016+ Software editing (on applicable applications)




Looking to get your engine management and fuel system sorted out at the same time? Follow our drop menus for a complete tuning package. Looking for a basemap to get your new setup up and running? Be sure to add one to your purchase and fill out our tuning form. Have any questions on what combination is the right one for you? Give us a call or shoot us an email to


*Civic Type R requires ECU jailbreak

** 04-06 TSX Requires 07-08 ECU and CAN adapter

*** 04-05 TL Requires 07-08 ECU and CAN adapter