HKS Step 3 BCD Piston & Conrod Kit for G16E

HKS Step 3 BCD Piston & Conrod Kit for G16E

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HKS Step 3 BCD Piston & Conrod Kit for G16E (hks21004-AT007)

A strengthened piston kit for G16E-GTS as a
countermeasure against the weak point of it.
With the same weight balance ratio of 50% as
the stock unit with the set of reinforced
connecting rods, the equivalent vibration
damping level as the stock is achieved.

[ Features ]

■Piston Kit
 High-temperature resistance A2618 material is used for thinner wall thickness and lighter weight.
 Machining process reduces waste parts and achieves the lightest weight possible.
 Bridge shaped structure increases rigidity of the unit and allows weight reduction.
 The shape of the crown surface is kept as close as possible to that of the stock.
 Nickel plating above the top ring slot improves knock and wear resistance.
 Leads the cooling oil from the 3 oil jets to the proper location for effective cooling.
 2-layer coating improves anti-seizing and reduces friction.
 Shortening the piston pin reduces the weight of the piston pin boss section.
 Dedicated pins with appropriate wall thickness are set to reduce weight.
■Conrod Kit
 Features machined nickel-chrome alloy I-beam connecting rods.
 25% stronger than the stock product.
 Compatible with D24mm piston pin.
 Surface is finished with a WPC treatment to improve durability.