HKS Legamax Sports Exhaust - Toyota GR Corolla 4BA-GZEA14H 2023+

HKS Legamax Sports Exhaust - Toyota GR Corolla 4BA-GZEA14H 2023+

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Comfortable sound and low exhaust pressure. Emphasizes GR Corolla driving performance.

Valve-less, Dual Tail Tip Layout:
- This exhaust system features a valve-less design and dual tail tip layout. The large-diameter titanium slash tailpipe creates a commanding rear view, leaving a strong impression compared to the stock exhaust.

Sturdy and Aesthetic Bracket Placement:
- Brackets connecting the left and right silencers are positioned at the center notch and feature the HKS logo, ensuring both visual appeal and structural integrity.

- HKS provide an "EXHAUST ERROR CANCELLER" to prevent error codes when the valve is not in use, allowing for a worry-free experience.

Smooth and Enjoyable Driving:
- Experience a comfortable and noise-free ride at low revs. The overall sound quality is robust, delivering a deep bass sound that intensifies as the revs increase, providing a powerful auditory experience

- Vehicle: GR COROLLA
- Model: GZEA14H
- Engine: G16E-GTS
- Shape of muffler: Ti (Titan) (LEGAMAX Sports)
- Main material: S304
- Diameter of tip: 119 L&R
- Diameter of center pipe: 74.7 - 60.5 x 2 (*1)
- Close noise level: Stock: 88/88 / HKS: 91/90 Exhaust noise level at idle.
- About road clearance: Clearance: 135mm (Portion of the kit: Exhaust mid pipe)
- Product Weight: 18.0kg