HKS EVC-S2 Boost Controller

HKS EVC-S2 Boost Controller

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● The display screen is doubled in size from the predecessor EVC-S.
Visibility has been greatly improved with color display.
● Dot-display screen and button information functions enable easy and
intuitive control.
● The function of each button is displayed during setting to support
your setting
● Boost setup storage is expanded from 2 to 4, "A to D". Makes it
easier to select the boost setting that best suits the conditions and
● New features include “Track Day Mode” and “Scramble Boost Mode”.
Allows control by switching 2 of the 4 boost settings. (Scramble
Mode is switched by timed setting)
● New Timer Function is added to the Warning Function. Warning
control will not activate unless the warning value is exceeded for a
set amount of time, thereby expanding the range of adjustment for
warning control.
● Supports a wide range of boost pressure control with a maximum
control amount of 250 kPa.
● Inheriting the control logic of the EVC-S, offering a superior boost
control, additional sampling time setting have been included to
broaden the range of settings.

【Main Functions】
●Easy shift of boost pressure setups
●Warning function
●Peak boost pressure detection
●Button information function
●Data lock function
●Backlight dimming Function
●Saving up to 4 boost pressure setups
●Scramble boost mode
●Peak boost pressure data recall function
●Easy return to stock status
●Data recall function
●Reversible button position
●Selectable boost pressure units