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The GKTECH solid subframe bushings are a direct replacement of the standard items and ensure that movement of the subframe is kept to a minimum.

They eliminate axle tramp whilst also raising the subframe up to 10mm which helps to correct the roll center on lowered vehicles. We also supply shims to keep it at OEM height (which is FD legal)!

The factory front and the subframe braces can still be used.

- CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aluminium

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Infiniti G35



Will this fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit.

Do you make these to suit other cars?
We only sell the parts listed on our website. If it's not listed on our website, then we don't sell it. Sorry.

What's the advantage of using the GKTech solid rear subframe bushings?
The solid bushings offer a more solid rear end which equals to a better driver control and feel for the rear end. The Gktech solid bushings also raise the subframe 10mm, improving roll centre correction.

Is there anything else needed for installation?
No, you can use your OEM hardware. In terms of the bushings themselves, they will arrive as shown in the product photo.

Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take?
Yes, provided you have general mechanical knowledge they are relitively straightforward. Installation time should be around 1 hour once the subframe is out. However, being a suspension component we recommend only a trained professional to install this product.

Do these cause much vibration/noise in the cabin?
Not really. Obviously anything solid or more rigid is going to cause an increase in noise and vibration however I'd hardly say that it's noticeable. Chances are if you're installing these you've already got coilovers, your car is lowered, you've got an aftermarket exhaust etc. etc.

Do these bushings change the height of the subframe?
Yes, they raise the subframe up to 10mm, which improves roll center.

Will I have to get a wheel alignment after installing these?
Considering the subframe has been removed and refitted up to 10mm higher, this will change your alignment. If any suspension changes are made we do recommend a wheel alignment.

Do I need to remove the OEM inner sleeve when installing these bushings?
Yes, the OEM inner sleeve will need to be removed. This can be seen in the install video above. This needs to be done as the Gktech bushings are a direct replacement of both the inner sleeve and the bushing.

Which way are these bushings suppose to be fitted?
When looking at the subframe in the car, they are to be fitted from the bottom (ground) to the top (chassis). If they were to be fitted the other way around the subframe would possibly fall out.