GKtech FR-S / GR86 / BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms (Rlca's)

GKtech FR-S / GR86 / BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms (Rlca's)

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GKtech FR-S / GR86 / BRZ Rear Lower Control Arms (Rlca's)

The GKTECH on car adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (RLCA's) allow for 55mm of track adjustment, motion ratio adjustment and can be used to lower your car 25mm.

Adjustable rear lower control arms allow adjustment of the rear multi-link suspension. Typically, adjustable LCA's can be adjusted to alter camber however we have incorporated some extra features.

- feature high quality 5/8" Teflon lined pillow ball rod ends which eliminate the flex found in factory rubber bushing offering a more direct and predictable feel.
- manufactured from chromoly sheet
- CAD designed, FEA tested and TIG welded.
- Adjustable from -10mm (shorter than OEM length) through to +45mm over OEM length
- On car adjustment for ease of adjustment
- Motion ratio adjustment (can vary wheel rates without changing springs)
- Can be used at OEM height or to lower the car a fixed 25mm
- Provision to retain headlight levelling sensor
- Dust boots included

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Scion FR-S
- Toyota ZN6 GT86
- Toyota ZN8 GR86
- Subaru ZC6 BRZ
- Subaru ZD8 BRZ