Fuelab E85 Compatible, Flows 340LPH. INLET Offset From OUTLET

Fuelab E85 Compatible, Flows 340LPH. INLET Offset From OUTLET

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When you have so many fuel pump options, what do you do?
1. Choose a pump that is individually tested
2. Choose a pump that has a no-questions asked life-time warranty!

For S13 240sx - the you can use either filters.  For S14's you can use the orange filter, however it is a bit shorter then stock so make sure your fuel tank is above 1/4 tank on track days.
*S14 specific kits coming soon!

**Note:  49441 will fit where Walbro GSS341 fits.

E85 Compatible, Flows 340LPH. INLET OFFSET FROM OUTLET

Pump Features

  • Flows 340LPH @ 3bar, 13.5v (90 GPH @ 45psi)
  • Internal Check Valve
  • Maximum Pressure – 5.9 Bar (85psi)
  • Can be used in carbureted and EFI applications
  • Each pump is individually tested for performance and includes flow and current draw report

Construction Features

  • 80 mm body length for OE fitment, Inlet Offset from Outlet
  • Inlet Size – 11mm
  • Outlet Size – 9mm (5/16”) Hose Barb
  • Designed for in-tank use only
  • Sending Unit not included
  • Comes with rubber sleeve, end cap, pre-filter, hose, clamps and wire leads